Get Involved With the Movember Movement

Movember offers plenty of great ways for people to get involved in supporting men’s health on a global scale. Guys can grow a mustache in order to raise awareness on some of the most important health issues for males. The mustache is a traditional symbol of masculinity, so it is easy to notice at school and workplace. Guys who normally don’t have much facial hair will certainly attract attention from other people in their lives. You may not know it, but a mustache can initiate conversations about men’s health.

Movember encourages guys who grow mustaches to discuss prostate cancer and testicular cancer with others. For example, male teenagers are actually at a high risk of developing both of these types of cancers. By growing mustaches, male educators and other academic staff in schools may have fun ways of discussing diagnostic procedures and other topics that are related to some of the most common types of cancers in males.

Movember also prompts people to talk about health problems that result from a sedentary life. In a digital age, many young guys spend excessive time watching TV, playing video games, and using gadgets while sitting. Male youth in western nations should be much more active on a regular basis. It is the responsibility of families to encourage their male loves ones to engage in routine fitness. Movember tries to inform guys about the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle in terms of chronic illnesses and other undesirable problems.

For example, men who sit for many hours on a daily basis could develop complications with their genitals due to excessive compression from seats. Additionally, posture also becomes compromised from prolonged sitting in front of a computer. Simple activities such as stretching and walking can significantly counter the adverse effects of a sedentary lifestyle in guys. Movember strives to spread the word around about such common men’s health concerns.


Stay Safe on Campus

You need to be responsible and prepared to be as safe as possible while on campus. You need to be ready for anything since campuses are large places sometimes filled with thousands of people. Here are some ways to stay safe on campus.

Stay Away From Isolated Areas

Start by staying away from isolated areas whenever you can. This should be a rule whether you are walking outside on the campus or inside a sparsely populated building. Take alternate routes to avoid areas where you cannot be seen by anyone else, could easily be trapped or there is no light. This will keep you very safe.

Pay Attention to the People around You

Pay attention to all the people around you. A good way to stay safe on campus is to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Watch for people who seem to be following you. Change your path to avoid groups of people that seem likely to cause trouble. Track what is going on at all times and adjust your behavior accordingly.

Know the Campus

Take some time early on to get to know the campus. Familiarize yourself with all part of the campus. Look at a map if necessary. You want to note where emergency phones or call stations are located. Get to know what routes are the most populated and well lit. This information could be invaluable if you get into a bad situation while walking in a strange part of the campus.

Use Campus Shuttles or Buses

If you have to travel around the campus at night, then try to use the campus shuttles or buses. These will drop you off right at your destination in many cases. They are a safe way to travel. You will always be visible on the bus, and the driver will be there to intervene if something happens.

Practicing Baby Safety with These Tips

September is National Baby Safety Month. The primary activities of babies and toddlers are centered around eating, sleeping, playing and traveling. These are the main areas where you can concentrate your safety concerns.

You should always supervise your baby when it is eating. Be sure that you feed your child food that is appropriate for their age. It is recommended that foods such as hotdogs, marshmallows, hard candy, popcorn, and grapes, not be given to children under the age of 5. You should be diligent about keeping medication and small items out of your baby’s reach. If a baby can reach and grasp something in its hand, it’s very likely to immediately put that item in its mouth.

A large portion of a baby’s time is spent sleeping. Safety tips related to sleep time include laying the baby on its back, dressing it warmly in a onesie or sleep sack instead of layering blankets on the baby and keeping toys out of the crib. Be sure that the crib or bed you choose is constructed with baby safety as a priority.

Lots of parents find it difficult to properly install a car seat. Check for locations in your area where car seat installation is being demonstrated for free by trained professionals. Another safety measure you can take is to find a car seat checklist online that gives you simple instructions on how to be sure that your child is correctly positioned in a car seat.

Be sure to send in product cards that accompany baby furniture, car seats, and other items so that you can be alerted if there are any recalls on those products. Another way to practice baby safety is to enroll in a CPR class so that you can be prepared should an emergency situation with your child.

How To Exercise With Your Child

Exercise With Your Child Week is celebrated during the first week of August. There are many ways that parents can benefit from exercising with their children. Not only does it help people get in shape and reduce the risk of health problems, but it also allows parents to bond with their children. Below is a list of tips for exercising with your child:

Change Your Attitude About Exercise

One of the reasons that many people do not exercise regularly is because they have a negative attitude towards it. They think that it is boring. You are much less likely to exercise if you have a negative attitude towards it.

Contrary to popular belief, exercise does not have to be boring. There are many fun things you can do with your child that do not feel like exercise. For example, you can play hopscotch with your child. You can also play a game of tag with your child. You and your children will be having so much fun that you may forget that you are exercising.

Have A Little Friendly Competition

A little friendly competition can make the exercise more fun. There are many ways that you can compete with your family. For example, everyone can race and see who can run the fastest. Everyone can also participate in a jump roping contest to see who can jump rope the longest.

Take Advantage Of Community Workout Events

Most communities have workout events, and many of them are free. That is why you may want to inquire about the different events in your area. For example, you may be able to participate in a free fitness class with your children, such as dance or yoga. You and your children may also want to sign up for a race.

Practicing Cell Phone Courtesy

Cell phones are incredibly common today. You see them everywhere. This has resulted in a problem with people who do not seem to respect others nearby when using a cell phone. You are going to want to do a few things to practice cell phone courtesy.

Use the Vibrate Function

You should set your cell phone to vibrate instead of playing a ringtone when you are going out in public. Most people do not want to suddenly hear some clip of music or a sound effect while trying to do something. This is especially a problem indoors at stores and restaurants where the ringtone volume could be magnified. The vibrate function gives you a silent signal that someone is calling or texting.

Go Somewhere Isolated To Talk

If you have to take or make a call on your cell phone, then politely excuse yourself and go somewhere isolated to talk. You want to find a location where you can stand and talk without being interrupted and without interrupting other people. Never just pick up your phone and start talking when you are in a storefront, a restaurant, or other location where people are near you.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket or Bag

You want the people with you to know you are paying attention and engaging with them. Something that can ruin any situation is constantly looking at or playing with your cell phone. This shows other people you do not care about what is happening around you. To be courteous, you should keep your cell phone in your pocket or your bag.

Watch the Volume of Your Voice

If you have to talk on your cell phone in public, then watch the volume of your voice. You want to avoid yelling into the phone. Yelling at your phone is going to annoy everyone in the immediate area. It can also disrupt the conversations of other people. Keep your voice as low as possible when on the phone in public.