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Stay Safe on Campus

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Blog

You need to be responsible and prepared to be as safe as possible while on campus. You need to be ready for anything since campuses are large places sometimes filled with thousands of people. Here are some ways to stay safe on campus.

Stay Away From Isolated Areas

Start by staying away from isolated areas whenever you can. This should be a rule whether you are walking outside on the campus or inside a sparsely populated building. Take alternate routes to avoid areas where you cannot be seen by anyone else, could easily be trapped or there is no light. This will keep you very safe.

Pay Attention to the People around You

Pay attention to all the people around you. A good way to stay safe on campus is to be hyper-aware of your surroundings. Watch for people who seem to be following you. Change your path to avoid groups of people that seem likely to cause trouble. Track what is going on at all times and adjust your behavior accordingly.

Know the Campus

Take some time early on to get to know the campus. Familiarize yourself with all part of the campus. Look at a map if necessary. You want to note where emergency phones or call stations are located. Get to know what routes are the most populated and well lit. This information could be invaluable if you get into a bad situation while walking in a strange part of the campus.

Use Campus Shuttles or Buses

If you have to travel around the campus at night, then try to use the campus shuttles or buses. These will drop you off right at your destination in many cases. They are a safe way to travel. You will always be visible on the bus, and the driver will be there to intervene if something happens.