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Renters Insurance

Whereas landlords often cover the physical structure of a home, Massachusetts and New England renters insurance offers tenants coverage against personal property damage and loss of assets. 


Renters insurance, or tenants insurance, typically includes:

1. Personal property coverage consists of the cost to repair or replace your belongings.

These include items such as clothing, furniture, and appliances. You will need extra coverage if you are housing art, jewelry, or another collectible item. All items listed as personal property under your policy are reimbursed or replaced in the case of fire, natural disaster, or theft.


2. Liability coverage covers repairs to someone else’s property or a guest’s medical bills.

When guests step onto your property, their well-being becomes your priority. Liability insurance protects you from untimely expenses should you be found responsible for any damages or injuries. 


3. Additional living expenses coverage accounts for additional costs, i.e. hotel bills, in the event that the residence you rent is either damaged or uninhabitable.

Budgeting for your month-to-month expenses leaves little room for an emergency fund. Should an emergency occur, additional living expenses coverage eases any financial stains. This includes grocery shopping—based on an average grocery trip—and the total cost of lodging.


Renters should think beyond just protecting their personal belongings. Your guest slips in the kitchen or a severe storm pushes you out of your home for a month. Each scenario would require additional funding and thus should be accounted for within your renters insurance policy.

What does renters insurance cover?

A renters insurance policy will cover up to the limits of your plan, minus any deductible. Should your residence undergo a break-in, your renters insurance covers any personal property lost with exclusions. One of your visitors stumbles on loose tile, and your renters insurance covers any associated medical expense. Home repairs cause unlivable conditions, you’ll also be covered for all related living expenses made during your time away. This includes day-to-day groceries and lodging.

How much renters insurance do I need?

The amount of insurance you’ll need for your new home is determined by its location, type of residence, and your credit score or, in some states, your insurance score as well. 

Assess your personal property and determine the cost to repair or replace it. Be sure to obtain additional coverage for jewelry and other collectible items. Your limits on your renters insurance policy should be high enough to insure all of your belongings. Our insurance reps can help you to find the right coverage.

Can I bundle and save?

Consulting an insurance expert will help you to determine the amount of coverage needed and highlight any opportunities to save on monthly costs—i.e. combine policies to reduce your monthly premium.


At Downey Insurance Group, we work together with our customers to create affordable  insurance policies designed to fit their individual needs. We take into account their residential area and financial health and provide an optimal safety net to ensure their personal property and assets are always protected. 

Interested in a safety net for your vehicle too? We do it all! When you bundle your renters insurance to include additional coverage you save time and money. Build your policies around your life.