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Everything You Need to Know About Independent Insurance Agents

by | May 16, 2022 | Blog, Shopping Guide

Independent insurance agent? You’ve probably never heard that title before, and here’s why.


Many of the more familiar insurance companies, your State Farms and Giecos, are made up of captive insurance agents. They only have one insurance provider available: theirs. 


This leaves customers with limited pricing and all-size-fits-one insurance plans. On the other hand, independent insurance agents have several insurance providers within reach. They are able to offer more coverage options at a more affordable and flexible price point for their customers.


Taking a customer-centric approach

Independent insurance agents work with both small and large sales organizations. Each individual agent has the ability to write insurance under a variety of providers. This allows independent insurance agents to take a more mix-and-match approach to accommodate all stages of a client’s life. Additionally, insurance providers enter into a contract when joining an independent insurance agency. 


What does this mean for clients? It means that they’ll always receive the best possible insurance deal, negotiated on their behalf with their privacy in mind. The priority is Y-O-U, not the agency.


Some independent insurance agents may even double as financial advisors. This means that they’ll be able to not only help you protect your investments, but they’ll also help you invest smartly. You won’t need to bounce between agents and advisors. Working with an independent insurance agent is like a one-stop shop with your own personal shopper for insurance and financial services. They do all the tedious searching and shop-talk necessary to ensure their clients are taken care of. 


This includes both before and after the insurance coverage begins. Yep, that’s right. Independent insurance agents even help process insurance claims on their client’s behalf. Talk about coverage.

Is working with an independent agent better?

The short answer: YES. 


Although captive agents may have extensive knowledge of their insurer’s products, they are only able to offer their customers coverage under a single carrier. This limits their ability to find the most affordable insurance plan available and will often include additional fees payable to the company.


Working with an independent insurance agent opens up the possibilities. Customers are able to shop and compare multiple insurance policies from top carriers, saving time and money in the process. The flexibility offered by an independent agent brings about a sense of clarity not found with captive agents. Not only are independent agents knowledgeable about a multitude of coverage options, but customers are also able to curate an insurance policy to fit their specific needs.


No matter your insurance needs, an independent agent will be able to assist you in finding coverage that aligns with your financial health and future goals.

Our commitment to the customer experience

Downey Insurance Group is a family-owned and -operated independent insurance agency. Our company was established back in 1929 with the sole intent to bring affordable insurance coverage to the residents of Marlborough, MA. We’ve since expanded to include the greater New England and Massachusetts area, providing insurance options designed with the individual in mind.


Our insurance writing methods and standards of customer care are unsurpassed. We pride ourselves on being great people to know for our customers at large. YOU are always our top priority.


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