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Practicing Cell Phone Courtesy

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Blog

Cell phones are incredibly common today. You see them everywhere. This has resulted in a problem with people who do not seem to respect others nearby when using a cell phone. You are going to want to do a few things to practice cell phone courtesy.

Use the Vibrate Function

You should set your cell phone to vibrate instead of playing a ringtone when you are going out in public. Most people do not want to suddenly hear some clip of music or a sound effect while trying to do something. This is especially a problem indoors at stores and restaurants where the ringtone volume could be magnified. The vibrate function gives you a silent signal that someone is calling or texting.

Go Somewhere Isolated To Talk

If you have to take or make a call on your cell phone, then politely excuse yourself and go somewhere isolated to talk. You want to find a location where you can stand and talk without being interrupted and without interrupting other people. Never just pick up your phone and start talking when you are in a storefront, a restaurant, or other location where people are near you.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket or Bag

You want the people with you to know you are paying attention and engaging with them. Something that can ruin any situation is constantly looking at or playing with your cell phone. This shows other people you do not care about what is happening around you. To be courteous, you should keep your cell phone in your pocket or your bag.

Watch the Volume of Your Voice

If you have to talk on your cell phone in public, then watch the volume of your voice. You want to avoid yelling into the phone. Yelling at your phone is going to annoy everyone in the immediate area. It can also disrupt the conversations of other people. Keep your voice as low as possible when on the phone in public.