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Your Car was Recalled: Now What?

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Blog

No one wants to hear that a car being used by the family has been recalled. This can be a disastrous situation. The recall means that the car is unsafe to drive in some way. Do not panic if this occurs. You need to take a few actions if your car was recalled.

Get All the Facts

Your first action after a recall should be to get all the facts. You want to do your own research and figure out whether your vehicle is being targeted by the recall. You can sometimes check the vehicle identification number with the manufacturer. If the recall is serious enough, then the manufacturer is legally required to send you a notice through the mail or email. Get an idea of what the recall involves. See if your car is eligible since many vehicles over eight years old do not qualify. Knowing the facts will help you throughout the recall process.

Speak To Your Dealer about the Recall

Your auto dealer is going to be the best source for guidance and information when your car is recalled. Do not hesitate to call your dealer as soon as you are sure the recall involves your vehicle. The dealer is going to be able to tell you exactly what to do. The dealer can sometimes provide additional resources to help you such as a temporary rental car. Speaking to your dealer will provide you with everything needed to get through the recall and get your vehicle repaired.

Follow the Instructions to Solve the Problem

The outcome of a recall can be different depending on the problem. If the recall is due to a defective part, then you are likely going to receive free repairs through the dealership or manufacturer. If the problem is more systemic, then there is a chance you will be given a new vehicle. You need to follow the instructions from your dealer and from the recall letter to solve the problem as quickly and simply as possible.