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Why You Should Use Winter Tires

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Blog

Your car will thank you in the winter if you change your tires. Winter tires can provide several benefits while driving. They can keep you safe while on the snow and sometimes if there is ice on the road.

The tires that you use in the summer will not have the same grip in the winter. This is something that you need to keep in mind if you plan on driving in the snow a great deal of the time or you live in an area that sees a good bit of snow in the winter. When the temperatures drop below 44 degrees Fahrenheit, the winter tires have a better grip because of the design.

Getting Through The Snow
Winter tires have the tread to get you through the snow and slush that you see on the road during the winter months. The tread is closer together, giving a better grip that you won’t see with tires you have in the summer. Many of the tires for this season don’t have studs on them like they did years ago, so that you can keep the tires on your car without a fear of causing damage to the car or the road.

The tires that you put on your car in the winter are more flexible, allowing for the car to get through the snow. This is because winter tires are comprised of a softer material. Stiffer tires make it harder to stop when the ground is cold or when there is snow on the road, making a softer tire ideal for the season.

If you want an added protection while on the road, use chains on your vehicle’s tires instead of simply driving with snow tires. These will give you better traction, and they can help get through ice a little better than just using snow tires.