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Summer Roadtrip: 3 Tips

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Blog

Summer roadtrips are becoming very popular for families and couples today. If you’re planning a roadtrip, it’s important to create a detailed route and itinerary long before leaving so that you can relax and enjoy the journey once on the road. The following three tips can help you while planning your summer roadtrip.

Schedule Your Routes around Rush Hours
Although it might take a little extra time, try to schedule your routes around rush hours. You want to be entering cities and densely populated areas in the afternoon and evening. You want to plan to leave these areas in the morning. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend in heavy traffic along the route. It also makes traveling around cities and metropolitan areas easier and safer so that everyone has a better time.

Plan to Eat Locally
If you want to really experience the country during your roadtrip, then plan to eat locally during the day before reaching your hotel at night. This means avoiding the rest stops and pulling off the highway into towns and cities along the route for breakfast, lunch, or snacks. You and your family will see more and could discover new recipes that are found only in that region. This could also help you find attractions, museums, and scenic areas that are largely unknown to people who stay on the highway for the entire trip.

Get Some Apps to Make Traveling Easier
There are many different apps for individuals taking a roadtrip. You should get a few apps to make traveling easier. You might want an app that shows the lowest gas prices in an area, an app that tracks traffic, and an app that shows the nearest restaurant or rest room. These types of apps give you real-time information that your family can use to make informed decisions while on the road.