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Preparing Your Rental Property For Winter

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Blog

Winter brings many challenges for rental properties. Some things that were not a problem during the warmer months can become an issue when temperatures start to drop. You need to be proactive and take care of certain things in and around the property. There are a few ways that you should prepare your rental property for winter.

Check and Maintain Detectors
You will want to go through the property and check all of the different detectors. This should include smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace the batteries if necessary. This is especially important, since carbon monoxide could build up in the rental property in the winter when all windows are doors are closed each day. You also want to defend against fires that could be started by space heaters.

Clean Ducts and Chimneys
You should clean the ducts and chimneys in the property. The ducts are going to be used for heating on a regular basis. You can increase the efficiency of the heating system and improve the indoor air quality by cleaning the ducts. The chimney needs to be professionally swept. This will remove creosote that could become a fire hazard in the winter.

Clear the Gutters
You should go outside and clear the gutters. Get all of the leaves and twigs out of the channel. Check that the gutter is firmly attached to the building and the downspout. This is essential since cold weather could cause ice dams to form that can damage the roof and fascia of the building. Clean gutters can prevent ice dams.

Trim Trees and Hedges
The final thing to do is trim back trees and hedges. Have dead branches removed so that they do not fall and cause injuries or property damage. Trim back hedges and bushes as well. Get rid of branches that could damage walls or windows during the winter. This will protect the property and the tenants.