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Hosting a Super Bowl Party with MA Homeowners Insurance?

by | Feb 3, 2012 | Blog

Fun and Excitement are on the top of the list of things we should be anticipating for Super Bowl Sunday, and this year is even more special for us in New England.  We get to experience the Super Bowl rematch against the NY Giants that will go down in history.  While fun and excitement should be our main focus, avoiding and preventing drunk and buzzed driving should not be forgotten.  Allowing a drink driver to leave your home after a super bowl party could leave them and others in danger, and you could be liable for a MA Homeowners Insurance claim.


Super Bowl Sunday is one of the deadliest nights out on the road for Drunk Driving accidents.   The Insurance Information Institute states that up to 60% of auto accident fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday are a result of drunk driving.  If there is an accident, the host of the party could be partially liable for the death or damage caused by a drunk driver.

So be smart this year and make your Super Bowl party a “Drunk driving –free zone” by making sure everyone has a safe way home or by providing them with a place to stay.   

With that being said, Enjoy the game and GO PATS!