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Flood prep for your home

by | Feb 17, 2014 | Blog

When you think of floods, what comes to mind? You may automatically think of the most extreme form of flooding when people are stuck on rooftops and riding boats down the streets. Of course, that is certainly something to think about. But flooding can happen simply due to the ground thawing after an excessively snowy winter. This year, we may be experiencing a bit more ground water than we have in the past considering the excessive amount of snow we have had. Here are some tips to prevent flooding in your home:

• Install a sump pump. Keep water out of your basement or crawl space by having it pumped out periodically by a reliable sump pump. You may want to have the pump attached to a back up power source in case your power goes out for any reason.
• Plant a garden. Once the ground has thawed enough to get a shovel in there, go for it. Plants can help soak up excess ground water while making your home even more aesthetically pleasing.
• Dig a French drain around your home. If you have a problem with water seepage, a drain around your home can help keep that water out.
• Check the grading of your property. Make sure that the grade is sloped away from your home and that water can properly flow away from any structures.
• Call us about flood insurance. We want you to have the coverage you need in the event that your home does experience any flooding. Your standard homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover flood damage. We can offer you a quote that will cover you for the damage that the spring thaw might bring.

We hope you do not have to worry about flood damage this spring or ever. If you have any questions about what your homeowner’s insurance does cover and how a flood policy may help you, give us a call.