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Choosing a backyard fire pit

by | May 5, 2014 | Blog

If you have ever gone to a friend’s house and enjoyed sitting around their backyard fire pit on a cool spring evening, you may decide to get one for yourself.  Having a backyard fire pit can be a wonderful way to spend time when it’s nice outside.  However, we wouldn’t be an insurance agency if we didn’t remind you of all the safety precautions you need to take before striking that first match in your own fire pit.

The most important thing to do before even deciding on the fire pit you want is to find out what is and isn’t allowed in your area.  Some towns or homeowner’s associations do not allow backyard fires.  Also, discuss how having a fire pit may affect your homeowner’s insurance with your agent.  Most carriers allow fire pits as long as they fit within your area’s rules and regulations.

Next, scope out the area you would like to place your fire pit.  Make sure it is far enough away from your home and other structures on your property.  Do not place it on a wooden deck.  Also, clean up anything that could be flammable around the vicinity.  Fuel tanks, leaves, pine needles, papers, anything that could catch on fire if a spark were to jump.  And never forget o have a bucket of water close by when you do finally have your fire.

Be sure to discuss fire safety with your family members and anyone else who may be enjoying the fire pit with you.  Remind them to stay far enough away from the fire at all times, always wear shoes and never run nearby.  And don’t forget to remind them how to Stop Drop and Roll if things get out of hand.  Contact us for more fire safety tips and have a great time choosing your backyard fire pit!