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Check Out the New Travelers Insurance Commercial… So Cute!

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Blog

As a Travelers Insurance Agent we are happy to share their new TV commercial with you, our clients! J  Enjoy the show, and some interesting facts about the commercial that Travelers has shared with us…


Travelers’ new commercial “Cat Burglar” is the first in a series of four television commercials, starring the dog from “Prized Possession.”

Setting the Scene

In “Cat Burglar,” the dog is at home, waiting for the mail to be delivered, when a newspaper is delivered with a front page story – “Cat Burglar Strikes!”  The dog is so alarmed, he runs to his dog house to check on his possessions and continues to stand guard – in spite of opportunities to fetch a ball or go for a walk.  Finally, once he has the Travelers umbrella floating above his dog house, he can begin to romp and play again. 

About the Dog

· Breed: Mutt

· Age 12

· Adopted from an animal shelter by his owner/trainer

· Featured in Pirates of the Caribbean (he was the dog with keys)

· Known as a “one-take wonder” on the set

· Had a stunt double for some of the tricky shots

About the Commercial

· Director: Danny Kleinman

· Shot Prized Possession

·  Directed James Bond Intros

· Song: Be OK sung by Ingrid Michaelson

· Location: Filmed in San Francisco, at a location next door to the filming of “Prized Possession”