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Autonomous and Instant Everything

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Blog

Ours is to help The United States Consumer adopt and adapt to the Huge changes in Insurance Purchasing and consulting with your agent on that Purchase. They are coming our Way…SOON!

So Let’s help retool for the future. Consumers will demand some instant Live chat, online Video, and even online purchase and confirmation thereof; all from their local independent agent – that still Gives them a ton of choice,  helps direct them and keeps them safe from Uncharted waters.

Regarding disruptive tech… Imagine you Buy a new car, from an Insurance agent distributor of autonomous cars!!!, yes That’s right. Its delivered to your door – autonomously – and its already Pre-Loaded with Your Insurance agent. you can communicate via your car to them at any time, check status of insurance, etc. OR maybe your with some insurance Co.  you really don’t know, and they cancel your insurance. Find your local agent is one of the options on your screen – you Find your local agent and purchase insurance online in your car with a rep on the phone, Live Vid, etc.. Hmmmm.

We’ll be here to help you navigate those Waters! From all of us at Downey Insurance Group, Marlborough, Ma. A Proud Affiliate Member of National Insurance Group