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Additional Insureds

by | Oct 7, 2014 | Blog

Here’s the thoughts / comments from the insurance side of things:

• Always – always get Current certificates of insurance for general Liability and workers comp at the least for anyone doing work for you / per job. ( a certificate is only good for a day – so one of your subs may have given you a cert – however it may not be valid / cancelled insurance next month )

• The Addnl Insured vs primary insured Splitting the limits equally perception is incorrect. There are no set parameters / Limits on who gets what portion of limits.

• Further, There usually is a $ charge to add addnl Insureds to your policy as the insurance company listing them is now insuring them – for the same operations – that you perform.

• I Like having My clients added as addnl insureds on other people’s policies – You do as well… it just adds another layer of protection for your firm; so is good risk management.

• That being said it may not always be feasible to be listed on someone else’s policy. ( it may not be avail from their carrier, or it may be to cost Prohibitive for them; or they may want to charge you back for that coverage – which you already purchase thru your primary insurance – or they may start building it into their contract pricing)

• Typically we use this endorsement to insurance on Larger – more drawn out projects. For instance you may contract with a large venue and they may say you cannot step on their premise unless you list them as an addnl insured. Something of that nature.

In summary its good practice. However may not always be feasible for the subcontractor.

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All the best,

Charlie Downey