Starting July 2023


Work & Family Mobility Act

Starting July 1st WFMA allows eligible residents in Massachusetts, regardless of immigration status to obtain a Standard driver’s license. View the RMV’s guides to get started below. 


Let Us Get You On The Road

We are certified translators for Portuguese and Spanish.

At Downey Insurance Group, we’re excited to offer services that align with WFMA’s new regulations to help eligible Massachusetts residents, regardless of immigration status, obtain a standard drivers license.



Official & Certified Translation of your Foreign License


Official & Certified Translation of your Birth Certificate


Setting your License Appointment

Only $100*

*Additional RMV fees apply. See below for more information.


RMV Schedule of fees

Additional RMV Fees Apply. These costs include:

  • $30 for a learner’s permit exam fee.
  • $35 for a road test fee.
  • $50 for a Class D driver’s license fee.

Learn more at Mass.Gov/MyRMV



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 Costs are:

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